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Website SEO Services

We employ a variety of techniques aimed at getting your desired key words and phrases ranked highly in the search engines.

On average it takes the search engines 2-3 months to notice the changes we make, but it can take 6 months or more, so you need to be patient. Unfortunately, we cannot offer any guarantees as to the ranking achieved. If you are looking for an instant listing and are prepared to Pay-per-Click then consider Google Adwords.

If you would like a FREE Search Engine report, please tell us your website and choose up to 5 phrases that you would regard as the most important ones for your business.

The Search Engine Optimisation Process

We love helping people. And we take pride in giving our clients an effective, high-quality product.

  • We ask you to give us 5 key phrases and 5 regional areas, the combination of which you would like to be ranked highly on Google for. Think of this as “If we could position you on the front page of Google for your chosen words and phrases, what would they be?"

  • We will then provide you with a free report which “benchmarks” where you are currently listed in the three main search engines, Google, Bing, Yahoo

  • We provide a 3 month optimization package proposal, with a goal to improve the rankings on at least 50% of the combination of phrases you provide. If after 3 months fewer than 50% of the phrases are showing improvement then we repeat the process for free

  • Each month we will send you a benchmarking report showing the results of the optimization and the process will be ongoing over the 3 month period

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Please note:

Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process rather than an overnight flick of a switch. The cycle consists of various optimisation methods and then measuring how the Google robots re-index your pages.

We use a combination of visible page optimisation, some “behind the scenes” code optimisation and some off-page techniques, the combination of which we expect to improve the rankings for your chosen words and phrases.

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"Right from the outset this company were helpful, proactive and approachable. Most importantly they listened to what we wanted and created a bespoke product that exceeded our expectations; we are exceptionally pleased with the outcome. I would highly recommend them to any company seeking professional and effective web-development."

"Weave-a-Web has designed and produced the Chamber of Trade websites for Rayleigh, Rochford and Hockley. This company is incredibly helpful and has provided unparalleled customer service from day one. From design to functionality, they have always been flexible to our needs and the websites are now an integral part of the offer to our members. The company shows great initiative, not just working from instruction but also contributing fantastic ideas that have benefitted us and our members greatly. We would highly recommend Weave-a-Web."